Cubash Transparency Report #10

Hello. Welcome to the tenth transparency report. We are now in the double digits.

This week, I’ve been working on the friend and dashboard systems to implement the critical portions the social aspect of the Cubash platform.


It is now possible to add anyone you like as a friend. A friendship between two users is a mutual agreement here, you must send a request, and the other party must respond to said request.

Any friend you make will appear on your profile as well as your dashboard. In addition, their posts will appear in your feed as well, so you know what they are up to.


The dashboard is a quick overview of your account and your friends. As your friendship circle on Cubash grows, you will be seeing more of their updates here.

More is to be added here, such as a list of the games you have played recently when that is possible to be tracked by us.

Other improvements

I do not usually talk about invisible improvements, but I thought I’d talk about this. During the entire development of the website, I have been using console.log() to notify myself of any abnormalities within the application. That’s fine and dandy, but then I found out that the usage of console will make the call blocking and thus, break the asynchronous working of the application.

What did I do you may ask? I have started to use the debug package instead. It does the same, but makes logging far more verbose and easier for me and it supports namespaces as well.

What’s next?

Let’s look at the roadmap for beta testing. This roadmap contains all the points I want to do before I begin a private testing period of around a week until I release to the public.

As you can see, only game related portions remain. So this means that I will be working on supporting level uploads on the platform, as well as rendering its thumbnails dynamically, so you have previews on the website.

But that only scratches the surface. A cross platform launcher also needs to be built, as well as dynamic game server creation that listens to requests from the website.

Lastly but very important as well, the game server needs to be able to ask a client to load a character from websites, so that you will be able to see your character as well as some awesome animated hats our asset creator Storm has built:

As always, I thank you for following the development of the Cubash platform. The website is nearing a state that is suitable for production, and the last efforts before testing will be spent in connecting the game with the website.

— Icseon