Over the past few months, I have been developing a social platform called Matokai.

Development Update Log

Update #1 — Motion Capture In Calls
Update #2 — Group Moderation and More
Update #3 — Logos and email verification
Update #4 — Two-Factor Authentication and optimisations

What is Matokai

The Matokai logo

Matokai stands for Mato’s shell (的-貝). In other words, it’s my shell (Mato is my second less common online alias, next to Icseon). It will both be a social platform, and a gateway to all my future projects through services like Matokai Games.

Matokai Games will be a future service within Matokai allowing you to play games I develop in the future using your Matokai account.

Essentially, the gateway to all my projects is a means of using one account for all of Icseon.

Why Matokai?

Some older users of my older projects may remember XDiscuss (Xander’s Discuss). It was intended to be a social network before it became what it became later (you know).

In short, this is what I had always intended and wanted to do for years.

Homepage of XDiscuss in December 2016. It had limited functionality but had set the groundwork for Matokai, over half a decade ago.

I believe that now, I have gathered enough knowledge and development background to be able to maintain and pull such a project off in the way I always wanted.

What’s next

I am going to be using this page to hold all development progress reports I write, and I intend to continue writing them after I release the project to the public.

In one sentence…
I realise that being open about what I do and sharing it with the world allows me to work more efficiently. I love keeping you all in the loop as well. Having something to write about every week gives me the push to work. It provides reason and purpose to keep going while being beneficial for the users.

Finally, I would like to thank you for continuing to support me.
The future is going to be great and this is just the beginning.

— Icseon