Cubash Transparency Report #11

Hello. Welcome to the 11th transparency report.

In the past week, I have made a lot of progress on the game aspect of the website. From launching to saving levels.

These parts are fundamental for the workings of the platform, and they are now being done. Very exciting.

The launcher

The launcher is responsible for dropping you in the Editor, or the game itself. It automatically compares file hashes with your locally installed version, and the latest version to see if you have to update your client. This is very fast and efficient.

If you do not have any Cubash files installed at all, the Launcher will automatically download them for you. In a way, the Launcher is also the setup if used alone.

Game creation

It is now possible to create new games through the website. These games can then be created by you and played by other people!

I am to add more to this in the coming week, such as default templates (right now, it is just empty), and a better user interface.

Game view page

With this page, you can review game information before you play them. If you are the creator of the game, you can also choose to edit it and update it with something new and good!

Saving levels

I have gone ahead and implemented the functionalities needed to save your level to the website. Once you have saved your level, you can work on it again later at any time, from anywhere.

Saving your level also make it available for people to play.

Level thumbnail rendering

I have started (but not yet finished) the rendering function for level thumbnails. These are the images you will be seeing on the website once you have updated your game. People can then get an idea of what your game looks like before they go inside to play it.

What’s next?

Next week I will aim for the thumbnail rendering feature to be complete, the new games page to have a better UI and privacy settings as well as making another service to support dynamic game server creation so that games can actually be played. We are getting real close now.

Once I made the rendering of thumbnails work entirely, games will appear on profile pages. Right now, that does not happen yet.

Like always, I thank you for following the development of Cubash.

— Icseon