Cubash Transparency Report #12

Hello. Welcome to the 12th transparency report.

I have been working on expanding the thumbnail rendering to be supported on the website itself as well as making sure that created games appear on user profile pages.

Thumbnails on the website

Like I just mentioned, I have been working on making the thumbnails appear on the website itself so users can get an idea on how your game looks like before they go ahead and play it.

Games page

Additional work went into the games page that will be displaying the games in an overview, sorted by the amount of the amount of people who are playing the game. In other words, the most popular games will be displayed.

You can also search for games by name to filter games by name.

Default game

Up until now, newly created games would be… nothing! However, now it is a base-plate. You now have something to build on.

Games on profile pages

Last time I showed the profile page, they were filled with placeholders. Now, they are filled with the actual games that someone has created.

What’s next?

  1. This week I will focus on making the game join process functional. So you can join games!
  2. I will make a moderation tool for games so that bad games can be disabled or removed.
  3. Loading characters from the website.

After that, I will be preparing for a beta.