Cubash Transparency Report #13

Hello welcome to the 13th and last report. This week went into the creation of the architecture required to join games.

Joining games

Games can now be joined by clicking “Play” or “Join” on the games view page. This will start your client.

As you can see, you also see an overview of people who are playing it.

Improved client UI and player name tags

The client up until now looked quite bland and boring. This has changed with an all new user interface.

Loading of characters

You can now see your character in-game. The game server will know who you are and get the character data for you (and others who happen to be playing).

What’s next?

I am about to prepare for the closed beta. Only a couple of small things have to be done in order for this to become reality.

After the closed beta concludes, Cubash will be open for everyone.

Thanks for following the development of Cubash.