Cubash Transparency Report #2

Hello! Welcome to the second weekly installment of the Cubash development transparency report

Last week, I made the first transparency report which you can find here:

This week, most of my attention was poured in the level editor.

Let’s get straight into it.


Our asset creator Storm has created a few normal maps, allowing us to have materials in Cubash. I have been working on implementing them in Cubash. Below is a screenshot of all the materials in Cubash so far:

New object types

A level with just cubes would get boring pretty fast, wouldn’t it? For that reason, I have added two new object types:



Both of these new object types support rescaling in all directions. The collision will continue to work fine in all cases as shown here:

Creation, deletion and duplication

Now, it is possible to actually add new things to your level and delete parts that you do not wish to have. On top of that, you can also duplicate your current selection to ease level building.

Adding something to your level

Adding a new object to your level is as easy as clicking what you want to have in your level. Once you’ve clicked something, your camera will look at it.

Removing and duplicating

Prefabs menu

This is mostly self-explanatory. Clicking on the delete button deletes your current selection and clicking on the duplicate button will duplicate it.

There are shortcuts for these buttons as well:

  1. Delete -> DEL
  2. Duplicate -> INS

Both of these keys (on most keyboards) are right next to each other.

Loading screen

Let’s face it. Levels will never load instantaneously, although I have made a lot of progress in making it as fast as possible, we still need a way to tell the player that loading is happening.

Cubash now has a loading screen that appears every time a level has to load up:

Loading screen

I do still aim to make this process as fast as possible.

The client

The client has also received its updates again. All the above has also been added and implemented for the client.

To showcase the ability to create new levels and our multiplayer capabilities, I have asked a friend to come join me to test to client out with me.

Multiplayer preview

Closing words

That’s it for this week.

Thanks for following the development of Cubash. Next week, there will be a new transparency report.

I hope to start work on the website next week.