Cubash Transparency Report #3

Hello. Welcome to the third installment of the Cubash transparency report

This week, my focus mainly went into the development of the website. It’s a given that we need one.

Before I talk about the website, let’s talk about the client first.

Respawning and a health system

When you die in the game, something needs to happen. Now something does in fact happen. When you die, your character will disappear for a couple of seconds, and you will start to exist a few seconds later.

Here is a quick preview:

Spawn points

For all this time, you were spawning in a static position. You now have control over that. You can now add spawn points and move them around.

When players die and respawn, they will be spawned on your chosen spawn points, randomly.

Metal material

A new material has been added: metal! You can now build top of the line spaceships!

Metal material

The website

Now that we have talked about the new changes in the client, let’s talk about the website itself.

Right now, I have started work on the most fundamental components that will be re-used throughout the entirety of the website.

The registration page

This is where your adventure begins. A neat, compact form with plenty of user feedback to make your user experience as smooth as possible.

I have heard the concerns about the fact that I am asking for your birthdate. Unfortunately, I must comply to GDPR that states that I can not store data from users under 13 years of age without their parents’ consent. That’s exactly what I am going to ask these users.

Cubash will never share that information. It is only in the name of European laws!

The login page

After you have made an account, I am sure you want to get back in when you sign out or when your session expires. This page is made just for that purpose!

What’s next?

Right now, the website is only a place where you can sign in and make an account. My next step is to work on the character editor, and the settings page where users can configure their accounts.

I have started to work on making a service that can render character previews for the website and that is coming along quite well.

Full character render

This is the character that you will be seeing on profiles, and the forum as well as the character editor itself.


This is a smaller preview of the character that will be used in the navigation bar, the users page and other places where the full render would be too big.

Weekly closing words

That’s it for this week.

Thanks for following the development of Cubash. Next week, there will be a new transparency report.

Like I mentioned, I hope to work on the character editor, and a settings page. If those two components are done, the website is quite frankly, standing.