Cubash Transparency Report #4

đź‘‹ Hello there, friend.

Welcome to the fourth installment of the weekly Cubash development transparency report

I’ve been hard at work with core components that powers our website. The work being done now will lay the foundation of everything that is to come later.

With much excitement, let’s dive into the development log for this week!

Character customization

In Cubash, you are a virtual character. You want to be able to edit your look to best fit you so you can make your character really represent who you are.

This week, work went into the initial version of the character editor. Let’s see what this is all about.

The character customization window is a very flexible window you can use from any location through the entire website. You don’t ever have to stop what you are doing at the moment if you quickly want to wear that cool new shirt your friend made.

Right now, only the colors can be edited. This is subject to change as soon as I begin work on the administrator panel which allows us to upload hats and approve user generated content such as shirts.


Cubash aims to make it possible for users to very easily communicate with each other. That’s why having forums is essential.

I have been putting in my best efforts to make the forums feel and look as elegant as can possibly be. Let’s dive into the forums:

Home page

This is the home page of the forums. You will be seeing all the active posts here, so you can jump right into the engagement.

Post creation

Spread the word to the universe. This is where all conversations begin.

Using this form is rather straight forward, you type in a title, write something interesting and click the “Submit post” button to send your words of inspiration to the world.

Post view page

Read the words of others, or reflect back to your own. This is where the conversations take place.

What’s next?

Next week, I’ll focus on finishing the forums, creating a settings page including two-factor authentication to protect your account(s) with and creating a profiles page where you can view each other’s profile.

The plan is to also start working on the administrator panel, so that hats, tools and faces can be uploaded and that shirts and pants can be approved.

Closing words

Thank you for following the development of the next version of Cubash. The support from this community has been awesome, and I do not plan on disappointing.

This has been our first month and so far, we have created a playable client, and we have made significant progress on the website as well.

Here’s to another month full of great progress.

As always, there will be a new transparency report next week to highlight the progress made in the next week.