Cubash Transparency Report #8

Hello everyone. It is time to talk about Cubash again.

This week mainly went into the store and its surrounding systems to make everything work together.

Finding items should be easy and not hard

Last week I implemented the store page which would allow users to view all the items per category. Now, you can do that and filter items by their names making searching for a specific item a possibility.

Item moderation

As previously mentioned last week, for items to go through, our team would need to review these items. That’s the feature I have been working on. While I can’t go in a lot of depth about this, I can say that it is finished and that your item only becomes usable after we have reviewed it.

Note: The pending approval image is a placeholder.

Purchasing of items - starting the economy

It is now possible to purchase items made by the official Cubash account or other users. For now, creators of items will receive 50% of all the funds.

This is subject to change in the future as the Cubash platform grows.

Expanded the character customization system

With the aforementioned changes, we needed to extend the character editor to also support wearing of shirts and pants and that is precisely what we have done.

This change makes it possible to dress your character up and also lays the groundwork for supporting hats, faces and tools.

Thank you.

Due to the amount of work required to get the aforementioned functions to work properly, I have not been able to work on the creation of hats and faces and tools through the administration panel, so that’s what I’ll be working on in the coming week. This will finalize the development of the store page.

— Icseon