Introducing T-Bot Rewritten

T-Bot Rewritten has ceased operations. This post only exists as an archive.

Be the savior of planet Mars. Stop the enemy from taking over and upgrade your character as you progress.

What is T-Bot Rewritten?

T-Bot Rewritten is an online game where you play as a virtual robot in planet Mars.
Your task is to kill the enemies that stand in your way, before they take over.

Upgrade your character as you progress through the levels and battle your best friends (or worst enemies) in the Battle game modes.

Play with your friends and take back what’s yours!

Endless possibilities, endless fun!

In T-Bot Rewritten, there are four game types you can choose to play alone or with others!

Planet Mode: Battle against enemies before the time runs out. Clear infected planets and prevent the enemies from taking over.

DeathMatch: Battle against other players. Score the most kills to win!

Battle Mode: Battle against other players in the battlefields and show your strength. The last player standing wins!

Military Mode: Battle in teams and defend your base. Destroy the base of the opposite team to win!

How to get started

Want to participate in the world of fun? You can! Head over to to create an account and join the battle!

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I hope to see you soon!