T-Bot Rewritten — Party experience and balance

Welcome to the T-Bot Rewritten development log of December 2, 2021. I have done several tweaks and stability updates

Party experience

I have implemented party experience in the game. You will now gain additional experience on top of your total experience for playing with other people.

In game modes without teams, this is maxed out at 7 and for other game modes that have teams, the amount of players that are in your team will be used in the calculation of the additional experience.

I may change this feature to be more rewarding in the future.

This change is eligible for the 50% experience boost you get for playing on weekends as well.

Screenshot that showcases the implementation of party experience

Renewed default character specifications

The default character specifications have been nerfed. This was done because during our testing, I have found that I was able to beat levels too easily.

The game should now actually be a challenge based on what map you are playing, your level and the maps’ recommended level.

Specification nameOld valueNew value
Atk(basic)448 ~ 627350 ~ 490
Atk(max)896 ~ 1254700 ~ 980
Screenshot that shows the default specifications

Item does not exist bug fix

It has come to my attention that sometimes while purchasing items from the shop, you would face the “This item does not exist” error. I have identified and resolved the issue, and it should no longer occur.

That’s a wrap!

Thank you for following along with T-Bot Rewritten development. I am close to a public beta release, and I am preparing for that.